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The Admiral Towel: Strength & Longevity In Hotel Towel Supplies

The Admiral Towel Collection s a focused collection featuring four SKUs that hotels rely on every day. These carton-packed, guest-ready towels are made from superior USA cotton by the finest mills in Bangladesh. The plush 100% cotton pile is backed by a strong polyester ground giving you the perfect blend of softness for guests, and strength for longevity.

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Large Bath Towel
Weight: 10.5lb/dz, Size: 24×50, Stock: 500dz
Price: $27.99/dz, Item Code: ADML-2450-10.5

Bath Towel
Weight: 8lb/dz, Size: 24×48, Stock: 500dz
Price: $22.99/dz, Item Code: ADML-2448.8

Hand Towel 
Weight: 3lb/dz, Size: 16×27, Stock: 2,500dz
Price: $8.49/dz, Item Code: ADML-1627-3

Weight: 1lb/dz, Size: 12×12, Stock: 5,000dz
Price: $2.75/dz, Item Code: ADML-1212-1

Admiral Towel Collection

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