What is SILVADUR and how can this antimicrobial treatment fight COVID-19 and other viruses?


This summer, Monarch Brands will be launching a new line of antimicrobial microfiber as well as antimicrobial sheets and towels.

But what makes the products antimicrobial, and how effective are they?

When choosing an antimicrobial treatment for microfiber, Monarch Brands considered many options before landing on SILVADUR®. SILVADUR® by DuPont is a well-respected treatment from a global company founded in our backyard. 

As the name suggests, SILVADUR® has everything to do with silver. But what antimicrobial properties does silver have? In ancient texts dating back to 500BCE, healers and surgeons recognized the healing power of silver. Although they could not know how silver, when used in surgery or to heal wounds, made patients healthier. Throughout time, silver’s antimicrobial benefit has been a close ally of humanity. Ancient Romans used silver to preserve water and fluids. In the middle ages, silverware helped to protect the wealthy from the plague. Physicians have used silver in the treatment of wounds since the 19th Century, while American pioneers used silver in their drinking water casks. Starting in the 1970’s silver has been used in burn treatments. Now, antimicrobial microfiber cloths and textiles get the benefit of silver.

SILVADUR® leverages ancient biocide to unite the elemental energies of silver ions with a patented transmission system to create an extremely useful, highly durable antimicrobial. I’ll let SILVADUR® explain more about the development process: 

“Our Scientists developed SILVADUR™ after extensive collaboration with global leaders in the fiber, textile, and apparel industries. Antimicrobials have been available for years, but they lacked reliable efficacy and consistent durability. We answered the challenge by developing a unique system of “intelligent” delivery. 

  • Using patented, controlled-release technology, SILVADUR™ delivers a low concentration of silver ions to fabric surfaces to control odor-generating bacterial. 
  • The revolutionary technology contained in SILVADUR™ is the world’s first and only aqueous-based silver-polymer delivery system. 
  • Patented Smart Release delivery system requires less silver to eliminate bacteria, substantially reducing waste. “

For us to promote our association with SILVADUR®, our microfiber underwent a rigorous testing process. Our antimicrobial microfiber cloth is certified to be 99.9% effective in destroying microbes after 50 washes.

Antimicrobial treatments are more important than ever before. With SILVADUR® in our corner, our microfiber cloths, bedsheets, and gym towels will be free from the harmful microbes that could otherwise propagate within their fibers.

We look forward to launching many products in partnership with DuPont®

Please contact us to learn more when and where our antimicrobial microfiber will be available. 


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