Which antimicrobial pre-soaked wipe is the best fit for you, and your customers?

Monarch Brands is known as a wholesaler of microfiber, institutional towels, wiping rags, and foodservice linen supply. However, we never stray from the opportunity to broaden our lines to better serve our customers. Earlier, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we leveraged our global network to airlift PPE for our customers’ customers. We recognize when markets shift and move quickly to act on insight. During the next month or two, Monarch Brands will launch key products designed to ease more stringent facilities maintenance guidelines. Antimicrobial microfiber cloths, Microfiber mop dispenser boxes, and antimicrobial pre-soaked non-woven products are all slated for launch late summer.

This is where we need your help. We would like you to tell us which antimicrobial products work best for you. We have narrowed down the agent to either a quaternary or alcohol antimicrobial. Both are recognized to be valid CDC options. Also, what types of packaging do your customers purchase? We’ve developed a quick six-question straw poll survey to gather your immediate thoughts anonymously. Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you!





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