Monarch Brands is a proud supporter of American Laundry News. We deliver high quality and value-priced textiles from manufacturers around the world to commercial laundries across the united states. We leverage 70 years of textile experience, our global network, and purchasing power to find the perfect blend of quality and price-point for our customers. We have curated these products for our ALN audience. If you don't see what you need here, or in our catalog please call. We can help.

35¢ Microfiber cloths (35gram)

For general purpose cleaning, polishing, and all lint-free applications, microfiber cloths are the new standard in clean technology excellence.

  • 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide
  • Can be laundered 500 times 
  • Lint-Free
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • 16 colors
  • Available in 30 35, 45, 49 Gram weights.

$2.65 Pocket Mops

  • 18” Side pocket-mop
  • Highly absorbent
  • Industrial strength canvas backing
  • Matching hardware available
  • Compatible with all major brand name frames
  • Higher quality than leading brands
  • Available in 5 colors to prevent cross-contaminations




Another great savings idea from Monarch Brands. SmartChoice economy line microfiber flatmops are the best alternative to a full microfiber flatmop.  If your mops are frequently lost, mishandled, stained or damaged and they have a shorter life span, then this mop is for you.

  • SmarChoice economy line mops will cut your cost without sacrificing quality
  • Commercial quality microfiber looped flat mop
  • Available in blue or green
  • 18” long with Velcro backing
  • 80% Polyester, 20” Polyamide

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