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Bale Packed Eclipse Towels

You can request to bale our Eclipse Irregular Towels for easier bulk shipments. You will get the same great quality as the carton-packed Eclipse Towels, but they will be compressed for more cost-effective shipments in bulk. Our high-quality white towel bales are the perfect way to stock hotels and resorts and make sure the guests have everything they need.

Bale-packed towels are a great way to save money and be more efficient with the space you have available. At Monarch Brands, we work exclusively with rigorously vetted suppliers throughout our global network to ensure we can deliver on (and even surpass) your expectations. Take a look at all your options and get a quote today.

Bale Packed Eclipse Towels - 22" x 44" (6 lbs.), Bath TowelsFTM-W2244-625 DOZ/BALE121862764950-20488-7
Bale Packed Eclipse Towels - 16" x 27" (3 lbs.), Hand TowelsFTM-W1627-350 DOZ/BALE203070764950-20337-8
Bale Packed Eclipse Towels - 24" x 48" (8 lbs.), Bath TowelsFTM-W2448-825 DOZ/BALE122462764950-20489-4
Bale Packed Eclipse Towels - 24" x 50" (10.5 lbs.), Bath TowelsFTM-W2450-10.515 DOZ/BALE121952764950-20490-0
Bale Packed Eclipse Towels - 16" x 30" (4 lbs.), Hand TowelsFTM-W1630-450 DOZ/BALE204070764950-20338-5
Bale Packed Eclipse Towels - 12" x 12" (1 lbs.), WashclothsFTM-W1212-1100 DOZ/BALE202070764950-20339-2
Bale Packed Eclipse Towels - 20" x 30" (7 lbs.), Bath MatFTM-W2750-1415 DOZ/BALE161746764950-20493-1