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Microfiber Sheets & Pillowcases

Introducing our latest range of pristine white microfiber sheets, now available for purchase. The sheets come in packs of four with six sheets per pack, and each pack features a retail-friendly label, making them perfect for e-commerce and point-of-purchase sales. These sheets are the perfect solution for places such as AirBnbs, VRBOs, guest houses, motels, camps, collegiate dorms, and spas, where regular linen turnover is necessary. They are also an excellent choice for large families or individuals looking to purchase sheets for multiple properties, such as a primary residence and vacation home.

Our white microfiber sheets are made from a soft, lightweight polyester fabric that is highly durable. This breathable fabric is wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying, and repels allergens and odors. With proper care, these sheets will stay brilliantly white and fresh for an extended period. Not only are they comfortable, but they are also made to last, thanks to the durable microfiber fabric. Stock up on these sheets to save on laundry time while ensuring that you always have a fresh set of sheets on hand.

Our white microfiber sheets feature colored hems and labels for easy identification.

  • Twin = Black
  • Twin XL = Orange
  • Full = Red
  • Queen = Blue
  • King = Green
Microfiber Sheets & Pillowcases - 20x30 Standard PillowcasesMFP-2030Six 12-Packs17 x 12 x 1017 lbs764950-21755-9
Microfiber Sheets & Pillowcases - 20x40 King PillowcasesMFP-2040Six 12-Packs17 x 12 x 1122 lbs764950-21756-6
Microfiber Sheets & Pillowcases - 66x104 Twin Flat SheetsMFS-66104Four 6-Packs18 x 14.5 x 1328 lbs764950-21746-7
Microfiber Sheets & Pillowcases - 81x108 Full Flat SheetsMFS-81108Four 6-Packs22 x 16 x 1235 lbs764950-21747-4
Microfiber Sheets & Pillowcases - 90x110 Queen Flat SheetsMFS-90110Four 6-Packs23 x 16 x 1238.5 lbs764950-21748-1
Microfiber Sheets & Pillowcases - 108x110 King Flat SheetsMFS-108110Four 6-Packs23 x 16 x 13.545.5 lbs764950-21749-8
Microfiber Sheets & Pillowcases - 36x80x12 Twin Fitted SheetsMFS-368012Four 6-Packs19.5 x 13 x 1321 lbs764950-21750-4
Microfiber Sheets & Pillowcases - 39x80x12 Twin XL Fitted SheetsMFS-398012Four 6-Packs22.5 x 14.5 x 1228 lbs764950-21751-1
Microfiber Sheets & Pillowcases - 54x80x12 Full Fitted SheetsMFS-548012Four 6-Packs22.5 x 14.5 x 1228 lbs764950-21752-8
Microfiber Sheets & Pillowcases - 60x80x12 Queen Fitted SheetsMFS-608012Four 6-Packs20.5 x 16 x 1432 lbs764950-21753-5
Microfiber Sheets & Pillowcases - 78x80x12 King Fitted SheetsMFS-788012Four 6-Packs22 x 16 x 1640 lbs764950-21754-2