The Sloppy Chef Cheesecloths Packs

We’ve retail packed our best-selling cheesecloth grades for point of purchase sale. Cheesecloth is ideal for straining stocks as well as canning. Your customers will use it for basting or stuffing poultry. It is also useful when making soft cheeses that need a mesh wrap. Keep chicken or fish intact when poaching. Wrap a turkey or chicken when roasting. Squeeze the juice out of a lemon without letting the seeds fall into the juice. Or you can use it to wrap spices.

Our cheesecloth is made with surgical grade yarns. We have these products manufactured at the same facility that produces surgical gauze so all the processes are done in a clean room style environment. Fan folded, bolt, and pound options are available.

The Sloppy Chef Cheesecloths Packs - Grade 40 BleachedN060-2420-B50 PACKS29” x 12” x 11”13 lbs764950-30224-8
The Sloppy Chef Cheesecloths Packs - Grade 40 UnbleachedN060-2824-UB24 PACKS13” x 10” x 12”9 lbs764950-30222-4
The Sloppy Chef Cheesecloths Packs - Grade 90 BleachedN060-4436-UB24 PACKS16” x 11” x 12”12 lbs764950-30223-1