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SmartChoice MicroWool mops are the smarter choice for large-area finish application and streak-free edging.

Premium soft, deep pile microfiber designed for a smoother finish application. Regular microfiber flat mops used for cleaning, they are designed to suck up the dirt rather than distribute a liquid. Wool applicators are smaller in size and deteriorate quicker. The MicroWool mop takes the best properties of both and blends them into a superior distribution tool.

MicroWool mops have a heavy nap to hold and distribute the correct amount of finish, evenly. Which means there is less wasted finish caught in the fibers at the end of a job. MicroWool will not lint and leave fibers behind and is naturally antimicrobial. Unlike wool or cotton applicators, microfiber does not harbor and spread bacteria after cleaning.

Light-weight and ergonomic, MicroWool mops reduce the strain on operators, unlike heavy cotton string mops. MicroWool mops are Velcro® backed to fit with most mop hardware.

We also sell the kit, complete with mop, frame, pole, and bucket.

Product Details & Sample Request

Part NumberDescriptionUnit of MeasureCase PackPrice
M870024FP24" Microwool Finish ApplicatorDoz10'doz$5.50ea
M870018FP18" Microwool Finish ApplicatorDoz10/doz$4.75ea
M70002424" Aluminum Velcro® FrameEach2/doz$6.39/ea
M70001818" Aluminum Velcro® FrameEach4/doz$4.77/ea
M7800218" Charging Bucket with CastorsEach6$22/ea
M7800071-EATelescopic Aluminum PoleEach2/doz$3.83/ea
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Author: Andrew Moore
Title: Director of Marketing