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PPE, Hand Sanitizer and SilverSure

Make Workplace Safety Simple with Hand Sanitizer, PPE, and Microfiber

When the first news of the pandemic broke, we pivoted quickly, and our sourcing team went to work to get you the safe products like disinfectant wipes, strong microfiber cleaning cloths, and PPE gear you needed – disposable masks and face shields. We made a promise to continue to import these products as long as there is a need, and while we had hoped it wouldn’t last this long, we didn’t take any chances.

Introducing NEW Papillon™ Hand Sanitizer 

Papillon Hand Sanitizer™ is made with the FDA recommended 62% Ethyl Alcohol formula. We currently stock three sizes of hand sanitizer, a gallon pump, a 12oz pump, and a squeezable 8oz personal bottle. Pleasantly scented Papillon Hand Sanitizer™ features the extract of the Aloe Barbadensis Leaf. Aloe grows wild in tropical, semi-tropical, and arid climates around the world and has been studied for its restorative and healing qualities.

All drug facts, directions for use, and storage recommendations can be found on each Papillon Hand Sanitizer™ container. If you would like details on private labeling or alternate put-ups please do not hesitate to reach out. We work with all our suppliers to ensure that you get what you need for your clients.




ItemProduct SizeQty/CaseItem Code
Papillon Hand Sanitizer
1 Gallon Pump4/caseITEM#: HS-ETL-1GAL
Papillon Hand Sanitizer
12 OZ
12 Oz. Pump12/caseITEM#: HS-ETL-12OZ
Papillon Hand Sanitizer
8 OZ
8 Oz Squeeze Bottle24/caseITEM#: HS-ETL-8OZ

Monarch Brands is a Reliable Source for PPE.

We are proud to be considered a reliable source for PPE and disinfecting products. Our warehouse is fully stocked so you can keep your customers satisfied during the next wave.



ItemPieces/BoxBoxes/CaseItem Code
Level 1 3-Ply Disposable Masks10 pieces/box100 boxes/caseITEM#: MASK-3PLY
KN95 Disposable Masks20 pieces/box50 boxes/caseITEM#: MASK-KN95
Direct Splash Protection Face Shields100 pieces/box1 box/caseITEM#:FS-100PC

Silversure™ Microfiber Cloths are Better.

SilverSure™ cloths use silver ions to eradicate undesirable bacteria and microbes from the surface of the cloth. The benefits are clear…

  • Inhibits microorganisms from growing on cloths.
  • Cloths feel and look new longer by inhibiting odor-causing bacteria and fungi.
  • Is approved as non-toxic by Oeko-Tex® International Standards.
  • Has been tested to be 99.5% effective even after 50 washes.
  • SILVADUR is registered with the US EPA and supported under the EU BPD.



ColorSizeWeightCase PackItem Code
Blue12" x 12"30 gram20 dozenM915SLV-BL
Lime Green12" x 12"30 gram20 dozenM915SLV-LG
Frost Grey12" x 12"30 gram20 dozen M915SLV-FG
Bright yellow12" x 12"30 gram20 dozen M915SLV-YL
Blue16" x 16"45 gram15 dozenM915101B-SLV
Lime Green16" x 16"45 gram15 dozenM915101LG-SLV
Frost Grey16" x 16"45 gram15 dozenM915101FG-SLV
Bright yellow16" x 16"45 gram15 dozenM915101YL-SLV

Proper cleaning and PPE at work, home, and in public is imperative to conquer to spread of Covid-19. Monarch Brands’ microfiber, cloths wipes, disposable masks, and face shields are the first step to protecting staff, customers, and family.

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