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Cleanroom Wipes

We now offer cleanest level of cleanroom wipe, class 10 & 100 dry knitted polyester cleanroom wipes. This polyester wipe is a low lint cloth used in a clean room or controlled environment to wipe away surface contamination and spills, including solid particles, liquids and bio contaminants.

Cleanroom Wipe Features

  • Rated for ISO Class 4-5
  • 100% Pure Continuous Filament Polyester Yarn
  • Lint-Free
  • 120GSM
  • Laser Sealed Edges

Cleanroom Wipe Benefits

  • Strong polyester knit construction that will not split or tear
  • To be used in  critical applications and critical clean rooms
  • Soft, Non-Abrasive, Lint-free construction
  • Can be Gamma Irradiated for sterility.
  • Low microbiological endotoxin levels
  • Highly Absorbent

Download our test results tech sheet to see how our cleanroom wipes exceed the standards and beat the competition.

Cleanroom Wipes - 9" x 9"CRW-9X9CASE10 BAGS OF 15025" x 13" x 15"35lbs764950-20276-0
Cleanroom Wipes - 12" x 12"CRW-12X12CASE10 BAGS OF 15025” x 13” x 15”39 lbs764950-20277-7