Benefits of Microfiber

We pride ourselves on commercial quality microfiber products at consumer friendly price points. Whether it’s a light home application or national healthcare laundry, we have the product that will get the job done effectively. With hundreds of sku’s and private label programs in place you will find a program of mops and cloths that will provide a cost effective solution.

Why Use Microfiber Cloths & Mops?

It’s better! – Microfiber strands are split or “cracked” 10 times which creates a positive electric charge. The dirt and dust particles have a negative charge which makes them a perfect match — one who’s bond is super strong.

It’s green! – Using microfiber is the responsible thing to do for your business, employees, and the Earth. Because less chemicals need to be used in the average cleaning, there is less contaminated water entering the water stream. According to the EPA, this can result in up to a 95% reduction in cleaning chemicals in our water supply.  Also, because a soiled microfiber mop is never returned to the cleaning solution it’s a healthier and safer solution — there is never cross-contamination or unnecessary contact with cleaning chemicals.

It’s healthier! – According to the EPA, microfiber leaves traditional mops in the dust when eliminating harmful bacteria. When bacteria culture is taken after cleaning with a microfiber mop, there can be up to a 99% reduction from pre-cleaning vs. just a 33%reduction when using regular cotton mops.

It’s safer! – Our microfiber solutions greatly reduce inhaling and/or absorption of toxic chemicals Can you believe that each year in the United States, commercial structure managers spend as much on hazardous cleaning chemicals as is spent on over 1 million cars, or 100,000 houses?*  Our cleaning solution significantly decrease this demand, which benefits everyone!

Lower labor costs by 20%/day – Using microfiber reduces fatigue while increasing square footage coverage and allows fewer trips to change water/solution. For example, in 1 year a hospital could see a 20% average custodial labor savings per day. When combined with the mop cost savings it can be more than $7,000 per year, per custodian!

Reduce mop costs by 60% – Microfiber mops can be laundered up to 500 times. Compare that to the 55-100 times of regular mops. For example, in 1 year, a hospital could see a 60% reduction in mop costs. Plus, more mops fit in 1 load of laundry, lowering water, detergent, and energy usage.

Save 90-95% per day in product costs. – Because of microfiber cloths’ increased efficiency and efficacy, you can experience water and chemical savings as much as 90%-95% per day, according to the EPA’s statistics.