Pool Towels

At Monarch Brands, you can you explore our wholesale beach and pool towels and get what you need for your hotel or resort. These towels are available in basic and premium options and may be manufactured with private labels and custom size and stripe options.

These towels are a cost-effective solution for resorts and hotels where swimming pools are available. It allows hotels to provide a soft, durable towel which – should it go missing or be mistreated by guests – can easily be replaced. We are committed to providing the best resort towels at wholesale prices. Take a look at our current selection and add them to your quote today.

Pool Towels - Blue, 36 x 68"BEACH-BLUE-CS2 DOZ/CASE25” x 17” x 20”52 lbs764950-81069-9
Pool Towels - Green, 36 x 68"BEACH-GREEN-CS2 DOZ/CASE18” x 17” x 19”49 lbs764950-81070-5
Pool Towels - White (Blue Center Stripe), 22" x 44"INST-2244-BCS5 DOZ/CASE23” x 20” x 12”33.5 lbs764950-20140-4
Pool Towels - White (Blue Center Stripe), 24" x 48"INST-2448-BCS5 DOZ/CASEN/AN/A764950-20174-9