Dusting Mitts with Thumb

These microfiber dust mitts feature an ergonomic design with a thumb and wrist cuff. The result is a great fit and grip which makes cleaning jobs far more efficient and effective. A high-quality elastic band creates a suitable fit for the average hand size and makes it safer to work on easily scratched surfaces.

  • Microfiber dusting mitts are simple and efficient janitorial supplies that can be used for wet and dry applications.
  • Highly useful in hotels, hospitals, car washes, and other facilities.
  • Microfiber can be laundered up to 500 times

Microfiber is ideal for dusting jobs because the manufacturing process creates a positive charge in the fibers. Since dust is negatively charged, these mitts will attract dirt like a magnet.

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Dusting Mitts with Thumb - PairM92000215 DOZ/CASE23” x 11' x 14”20 lbs765950-12267-6