SmartPads Microfiber Mop Dispenser Box

Taking our lead from the smash success of SmartRags, Monarch Brands developed SmartPads to fulfill a multitude of floor cleaning scenarios. SmartPads woven microfiber polyester construction picks up more dirt than non-woven disposable pads. Cleaners will flock to this dual-threat microfiber mop in a dispenser box.

  • Available in blue and green to mitigate cross-contamination when reusing mops.
  • An innovative dispensing box dispenses one pad while priming the next pad for use.
  • Mops fit 18″ commercial mop frames AND most home mops.
  • Attractive retail packaging grabs attention for POP sale opportunities.
  • A versatile mop pad cleans all types of hard floors.

Use as a disposable pad in danger zones

  • Hospital Wards
  • Restrooms
  • Gyms & Fitness Studios
  • Locker-Rooms

Wash and reuse SmartPads in safe zones

  • Corporate Offices
  • Living Spaces
  • Food Prep Areas
  • Dining Spaces


SmartPads Microfiber Mop Dispenser Box - Blue Stripe, 18"M901-RMP-BL8 BOXES21” x 13” x 11”10 lbs764950-83610-1
SmartPads Microfiber Mop Dispenser Box - Green Stripe, 18"M901-RMP-GR8 BOXES21” x 13” x 11”10 lbs764950-83611-8