We are Wholesalers & Manufacturers of Microfiber, Commercial Linen, Institutional Towels & Wiper Rags.

Our Wholesale microfiber and linen lines can be broken down into four core groups.

Institutional Towels

Made ‘to spec.’ our first quality towels are manufactured at the largest modern textile mills across the globe. We have the capability to ship a single carton or a full container of our standard stock, or custom manufactured private labeled products to customers.

Woman at gym with Monarch Towel draped over her neck

Irregular Towels

Our value-priced line of slightly irregular towels. Often used in institutional environments, Eclipse towels often deliver 20% to 40% savings over their first quality counterparts.

SmartChoice Microfiber

Our microfiber lines are more sanitary, green, and efficient than cleaning with traditional terry products. We control the manufacturing process from yarn creation to final stitching. We wholesale microfiber cloths, mops, mitts, and wands, alongside complete hardware cleaning systems.

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Best Rags

We repurpose millions of pounds of used textile products annually for industrial wiping purposes. Wholesale wiping rags are generated from used clothing or discarded institutional textiles. All products are cut and inspected by hand.