YOU ASKED. WE LISTENED. New 16" x 16" Heavy Duty SmartRags are here!

Introducing SmartRags Heavy Duty.

Get more microfiber for less money!

Our new heavy-duty 16″ x 16″ SmartRags microfiber cloths offer plush, absorbent microfiber cleaning technology at a deeply discounted price. Choose from our 275GSM 45-gram 16″ x 16″ microfiber cloths or our 215GSM 35-gram 16″ x 16″ microfiber cloths. Now you have the ultimate choice of three different sizes and weights of microfiber cloths in a dispenser box in all the color-coded colors your customers need to run their cleaning business or clean their facility.

Available SmartRags Color-Coding Options

Google SmartRags and you’ll see major janitorial distributor suppliers, restaurant suppliers, MRO catalog companies, and ecommerce marketplaces that adopted SmartRags when we first launched the microfiber cloth in a dispenser box. Now, with seven colors available, our 12″x12″ offering is universally known as THE go-to seamless microfiber cloth.

The Benefits of SmartRags Heavy Duty

Every SmartRags® dispenser box is packed with 50 microfiber rags, each measuring 16″x16″, and crafted precisely to have smooth, borderless edges. SmartRags®, are more compact than standard cloths and offer numerous advantages over cotton counterparts. These advantages make them perfect for diverse settings, from utility carts and car repair centers to offices and homes.

Top Ten Advantages of Microfiber Cloths Over Cotton Rags:

  1. Absorbency: Microfibers can soak up to seven times their weight, making spill cleanup efficient.
  2. Efficient Cleaning: Unlike cotton, their fine fibers act like tiny hooks, capturing dust and dirt rather than pushing it around.
  3. Durability: They can withstand multiple washes without losing their efficiency.
  4. Lint-free Finish: Perfect for cleaning surfaces like glass without leaving residues.
  5. Reduced Chemical Use: Often cleans effectively with just water, diminishing the need for chemicals.
  6. Bacterial Reduction: Microfiber’s design ensures better microbial pickup and retention.
  7. Non-abrasive Nature: Safeguards delicate surfaces from scratches.
  8. Quick Drying: Less moisture retention minimizes bacterial growth.
  9. Cost-Efficiency: Though they might have a higher initial cost, their durability presents long-term savings.
  10. Eco-Friendly: Their longevity and reduced chemical requirement make them an environmentally conscious choice.

Given these benefits:

  • Automotive Garages and Workshops find microfiber essential for lint-free and residue-less cleanup.
  • Offices & Retailers appreciate the space-saving, user-friendly packaging of SmartCloth™, with the added bonus of efficient cleaning without the need for multiple cloths or additional chemicals.
  • Medical Institutions prefer microfiber due to its superior microbial capture, which is crucial in settings where hygiene is paramount.
  • Foodservice SmartRags® is the go-to choice for front of house and back of house cleaning.  Its high absorbency and efficient cleaning capabilities make it perfect for spills, dusting, surface cleaning, and stubborn stain removal.

Additionally, SmartRags® cleaning solutions come with easy color-coding options, minimizing the risk and perception of potential cross-contamination.

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