Fringed Dust Mops

Our hook and loop Microfiber fringed dust mops can be used with our regular microfiber flat mop frames to help streamline your janitorial department.  Dual pile, 100% microfiber (80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide) accumulates and retains dust and dirt mechanically and electrostatically for excellent dusting results. A microfiber yarn’s cross-section reveals a ‘cracked’ star pattern, which collects more dirt particles than natural fibers. During the splitting process, a positive electric ‘static’ charge generates within the fiber. This charge pulls dirt to the microfiber and keeps it within the cracked yarns.

Fringed Dust Mops - 18"M8400188 DOZ/CASE22” x 18” x 12”30 lbs765950-12078-8
Fringed Dust Mops - 24"M8400246 DOZ/CASE29” x 18” x 10”26 lbs765950-12079-5
Fringed Dust Mops - 36"M8400364 DOZ/CASE20” x 18” x 13”27 lbs765950-12080-1
Fringed Dust Mops - 48"M8400483 DOZ/CASE18” x 18” x 18.5”26 lbs764950-81097-2