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Janitorial Supplies and textiles for Hospitality & Foodservice Industries

Monarch Brands provides the high-quality, highly durable janitorial supplies and foodservice you need to keep your hospitality and foodservice distribution channels running smoothly. We provide an extensive range of microfiber cloths, mops, bar mops, aprons, napkins, table linen and more so you have constant and reliable access to the inventory you need.

These rags, towels, wipers, and mops are perfect for a range of applications at hotels, restaurants, and other establishments, and all of our products must meet our extremely high standards before they can be shipped out the door.

Explore our current selection and get a quote today to discover how Monarch Brands can deliver the quantity and quality that your customers expect.

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  • Partner with An Experienced Provider

    Hospitality and foodservice distributors have trusted Monarch Brands for decades to deliver the janitorial supplies they need to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.

    We partner with established suppliers to ensure that we can deliver the perfect balance of quality and cost-effectiveness. Each of these suppliers have gone through our stringent vetting process, and we work to make sure everything is ethically sourced.

    Keep your customers stocked with the products they need, whether you distribute to large, single hotels and restaurants or entire chains that cross the country. Find the perfect microfiber wholesale mop or explore your options for buying cotton throws in bulk, and contact us for a quote on your products.

    The Benefits of a Wholesale Partner for Janitorial Supplies

    Working with an established wholesaler of janitorial supplies can create a lot of great opportunities and benefits. You can expect to see shorter lead times, faster inventory turns, more frequent deliveries and a more efficient ordering process.

    All of this, of course, comes on top of the cost-effective price points.

    At Monarch Brands, we work with a global network of suppliers to make sure that all your orders exceed your expectations. We are here to help you get the best quality janitorial products at a price that fits the budget.

    The Right Tools for the Job

    Getting the right microfiber mop for the right job can make all the difference. It isn’t necessarily about making the plushest or most massive towel. It’s about being able to provide the best options for any job that fit in any budget.

    Your customers rely on you as a critical part of their supply chain, and we want you to rely on us in the same way. Take a look at our current selection and explore:

    Get a quote on your wholesale towels, linens, and more today and keep your distribution channels running smoothly.