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Solid Spun Poly Napkins

At Monarch Brands, we pride ourselves on understanding the nuanced needs of commercial laundries. Our spun poly napkins are a testament to this understanding, offering unparalleled benefits tailored to the rigorous demands of commercial washing. Here’s why we stand out:

  1. Superior Durability: Our spun poly napkins are designed for longevity. With resistance to repeated wash cycles, we ensure that commercial laundries face fewer replacements and returns, maximizing value for every dollar spent.
  2. Consistent Brilliance: We know the importance of aesthetics. Monarch Brands’s spun poly napkins hold their color and shape through countless washes, guaranteeing a uniform look batch after batch.
  3. Optimized for Efficiency: Time is money in the laundry business. Our napkins wash well and dry faster than traditional cotton, meaning quicker turnaround times and reduced energy costs.
  4. Low Lint Production: We’ve engineered our spun poly napkins to minimize lint, which can be a significant hassle for commercial machinery. Less lint means smoother operations and less maintenance.
  5. Enhanced Stain Resistance: Stain complaints can be a significant setback. Our spun poly fabric is adept at resisting common stains, ensuring a cleaner finish, and reducing the need for intensive stain treatments.
  6. Eco-Conscious Choice: In a world moving towards sustainability, our reusable spun poly napkins are a testament to environmental responsibility, offering an eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper napkins
  7. Color Matching Shade Card: Eliminate the guesswork. Reach out to your rep or [email protected] for a Mariposa shade card.


Solid Spun Poly Napkins - BlackNAP-B-SPUN25 DOZ/CASE21 x 19 x 1344.5 lbs764950-81071-2
Solid Spun Poly Napkins - BurgundyNAP-BUR-SPUN25 DOZ/CASE21 x 19 x 1344.5 lbs764950-20095-7
Solid Spun Poly Napkins - Chambray GreyNAP-CHGY-SPUN25 DOZ/CASE21 x 19 x 1344.5 lbs764950-00595-8
Solid Spun Poly Napkins - GoldNAP-GOLD-SPUN25 DOZ/CASE21 x 19 x 1344.5 lbs764950-81074-3
Solid Spun Poly Napkins - GreenNAP-GREEN-SPUN25 DOZ/CASE21 x 19 x 1344.5 lbs764950-81073-6
Solid Spun Poly Napkins - GreyNAP-GREY-SPUN25 DOZ/CASE21 x 19 x 1344.5 lbs764950-00596-5
Solid Spun Poly Napkins - Light BlueNAP-LTBLUE-SPUN25 DOZ/CASE21 x 19 x 1344.5 lbs764950-21060-4
Solid Spun Poly Napkins - IvoryNAP-IVORY-SPUN25 DOZ/CASE21 x 19 x 1344.5 lbs764950-20087-2
Solid Spun Poly Napkins - Navy BlueNAP-NBLUE-SPUN25 DOZ/CASE21 x 19 x 1344.5 lbs764950-00597-2
Solid Spun Poly Napkins - RedNAP-R-SPUN25 DOZ/CASE21 x 19 x 1344.5 lbs764950-20094-0
Solid Spun Poly Napkins - SandalwoodNAP-SDLWD-SPUN25 DOZ/CASE21 x 19 x 1344.5 lbs764950-00598-9
Solid Spun Poly Napkins - WhiteNAP-W-SPUN25 DOZ/CASE21 x 19 x 1344.5 lbs764950-81072-9