Guest Towels & Sheets

Wholesale Guest Towels & Sheets

At Monarch Brands, we offer a comprehensive collection of wholesale towels tailored for hotel and resort guests, all at budget-friendly prices. Our specialty is providing the quality and luxury your customers anticipate, ensuring your properties remain fully stocked with essential amenities.

Whether you’re in need of high-end luxury towels and sheets for an exclusive hotel or irregular white towels for a multi-unit rental property, we have an option for you. Explore our current selection to find the perfect fit for your establishment, and request a quote for your wholesale guest towels and sheets today.

Balancing Quality and Profitability

Distributors need to find the perfect balance of price and quality, but there’s no reason to offer just a single type of guest towel. Your clients will have their own branding and budgetary needs, and you can provide everything they require by having several options available.

At Monarch Brands, we offer guest-ready, carton-packed white towels at several quality levels. Explore our:

You can potentially save even more on bale-packed towels. This option creates more freight efficiencies and space savings, and you can still choose a specific level of quality on every order.

The same applies to our sheet collections. The thread count contributes to both the price and the softness of these products. These options make it easier for hotels and resorts to offer great comfort at great price.

Monarch Brands Quality and Experience

We only work with rigorously vetted suppliers so we can build up a global network of partners and consistently surpass your expectations. We are large enough to purchase these products in volumes that lead to better prices, but small enough that we can personally oversee private label branding for mid-size distribution and individual programs with the care and attention it deserves.

Our specialists can work closely with your team to ensure that your needs are met and that you are able to keep your shelves constantly stocked with the best wholesale towels and other hotel linens.

Your customers are relying on you as a critical element of their supply chain, and we want you to rely on us in the same way.

Get a quote today on these towels and sheets and find out how you can save more money while maintaining the level of quality that is expected from your brand.