TaskBrand® A105 Advanced Performance

TaskBrand A105 Advanced Performance features spunlace. Spunlace non-woven wipers are revered for high absorbency. Spunlace is an excellent choice for tasks in optical and electronic settings, effectively handling leaks and spills. Its significant tensile strength, allowing for aggressive cleaning without damage, makes it a suitable solution for cleaning various surfaces, including glass and other smooth substrates. This material, notable for its impressive durability, retains its integrity even with frequent use, making it ideal for lite-duty cleaning and spray and wipe applications. Despite its robustness, spunlace retains a soft, cloth-like texture, ensuring its suitability for patient hygiene and delicate surface cleaning. Minimal lint production, a feature of spunlace, is vital in preventing electronic disruption or surface contamination. Additionally, its manufacturing process, more economical and quicker than traditional weaving or knitting, secures its position as a cost-effective material for various applications.

  • Binder and silicone free
  • Creped, medium duty
  • Exceptional durability, cloth-like feel
  • Absorbent, virtually lint free
  • Resistant to broadest range of solvents

Applications: optical, patient hygiene, electronics, glass and smooth surfaces, spray and wipe, lite-duty cleaning

TaskBrand® A105 Advanced Performance - Interfold Dispenser BoxN-A105IDW150/box -6 boxes/caseN/AN/A
TaskBrand® A105 Advanced Performance - Jumbo Roll, Poly No BoxN-A105JPW900/roll11.75" x 11.75" x 11.75" 10.36 lbs
TaskBrand® A105 Advanced Performance - Centerpull RollN-GA105CBW353/rolls-4 rolls/caseN/AN/A