Terry Wipers

Terry Wipers

Terry wiping cloths are effective housekeeping supplies that are usable for fine polishing and detail work as well as serious oil and grease cleanups. At Monarch Brands, we repurpose millions of pounds of textiles every year into durable, absorbent terry wipers so you can stock your shelves with the quality products that your clients regularly need.

We can provide the specific size, weight, and colored wipers that match your needs, and all of them are pre-cut to ensure they are properly functional the moment they arrive. Whether you’re using them for heavy-duty cleaning, general cleanup, or other related jobs, these high-cotton-content wipers balance price and quality to deliver great results.

Quality Products at Cost-Effective Prices

Distributors in this industry need to constantly address their clients’ need for high-quality and durable products that come at a price-point that fits in the budget. On top of that, every client is going to have their own branding and budgetary needs, so you must be able to provide a wide range of options.

We can help you keep your shelves fully stocked with an extensive variety of terry wipers. These housekeeping supplies include:

Wholesale Housekeeping Supplies from a Trusted Source

Monarch Brands is an established wholesaler of quality terry products, and you can work with us to take advantage of our extensive knowledge and industry experience to source the products you need. We have grown large enough to purchase in volumes that lead to significant cost savings, but we remain small enough to make sure every client receives the type of support and attention they deserve.

We only work with suppliers that have been rigorously vetted so we know that everything is ethically sourced and safe to use. We have an entire global network of partners that specialize in different materials, which means we can consistently provide a range of options.

Quality and Experience

Monarch Brands has several decades of experience providing high-quality textiles, like these terry cloths, to distributors just like you. Our team of specialists can work closely with you to ensure that you have everything you need to keep the supply chain flowing.

Your customers rely on you to keep them stocked, and we want you to rely on us the same way.

Get a quote today on these terry wipers and find out how we can deliver the housekeeping supplies you need.