Microfiber Towels for the Beauty Industry

Monarch Brands offers a wide range of microfiber towels made specifically for the beauty industry, though they are also often used by hotels and others businesses that provide services in the hospitality industry.

We are a wholesale manufacturer of microfiber, commercial linen, towels, and wiper rags, and we’ve been working with distribution services just like yours for decades. We understand what it takes to provide the perfect balance between price point and quality.

Take a look at our selection below and get a quote on these towels for your customers in the beauty business.

Microfiber Towel Options

Monarch Brands offers a number of options for your distribution business. These towels are regularly used in hotels, beauty salons, and other related situations. This includes:

Makeup Removal Towel

These makeup removal towels are used at many hotels around the country because they have a number of benefits for both the guests and the hotel ownership. 

By providing this option, guests don’t have to use white towels to remove oily makeup. They can use these products without the risk of transferring the color residue to other towels or linens, which will help improve the longevity of the white towels. On top of that, any blemishes on these makeup removal towels will be hidden by the darker colors.

Bleach-Safe Stylist Towels

These towels are made from 100% ring-spun cotton and are designed for stylists to use in their salons because they are protected against color-loss from bleach or other common salon chemicals.

Microfiber Bleach Safe Towels

These bleach-safe microfiber towels are a great choice for your customers in the beauty industry. They are both absorbent and soft, and can stand up to several washes – even when bleach is included in the mix.

Work with Experienced Wholesalers

At Monarch Brands, we source our materials and products for distribution from a global network of thoroughly vetted partners.

Get a quote today on these wholesale microfiber towels and see what we can do for you.