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Horizontal Stripe Scrubbing Mop

This horizontal stripe scrubbing mop is made from industrial-strength materials and is larger than standard scrubbing mops. The stitched edges and polypropylene ridges mean this mop can clean more completely than other traditional models.

Microfiber increases efficiency because it attracts dirt and requires fewer trips to change the water and cleaning chemicals. (This also leads to more cost savings in the long run.) The cleaning staff can get more coverage out of these mops along with an extra level of cleaning.

Launder up to 500 times and put them to use in a variety of industries. Add these wholesale microfiber mops to your quote today and make sure you have the janitorial supplies for any situation.

Horizontal Stripe Scrubbing Mop - Blue/Gray Stripe, 18"M400018-G/B10 DOZ/CASE24” x 19” x 1130 lbs765950-12059-7
Horizontal Stripe Scrubbing Mop - Green/White Stripe, 18"M10001810 DOZ/CASE24” x 19” x 1130 lbs765950-12068-9