YOU ASKED. WE LISTENED. New 16" x 16" Heavy Duty SmartRags are here!

New Mill Ends

New Mill Ends

Our new mill ends are generated from pre-consumer textile production, so we can offer a full line of absorbent wiping cloths that are usable in a wide range of applications – from polishing and waxing to wiping up the occasional spill.

These durable and high-quality wipers are an essential component of your janitorial cleaning supplies, and at Monarch Brands we specialize in helping you get the right products at the right price. Take a look at our current selection and get a quote on a wide range of new mill ends.

Getting the Right Janitorial Cleaning Supplies for Your Clients

Distributors need to keep a regular stock of the cleaning supplies that their clients need on a consistent basis. These products must meet certain quality standards while remaining within budgetary requirements. 

At Monarch Brands, we partner with the very best suppliers from all over the world to source the products you need. More importantly, we have the experience and purchasing power to find the perfect balance of quality and price-point for all of these supplies.

What types of wipers do you need? What volumes will you want to keep on hand? Be sure to check out our:

Why Choose Monarch Brands?

Every year, we repurpose millions of pounds of used textile products for industrial wiping and janitorial jobs. All of these products are cut and inspected before they go out the door, and we make sure they live up to our standards for durability and usability.

Monarch Brands actually started out buying mill ends to sell as irregulars for budget-conscious distributors. From those early steps, we went on to build a global network of reliable partners so we can get the products that consistently surpass your expectations.

We are here to help you help your customers get the supplies they need. They are relying on you to maintain an efficient supply chain, and these new mill ends are an effective choice if you work with any janitorial companies.

Quality Wholesale Mill Ends

We have been working with distribution businesses just like yours for decades. Our specialists have the knowledge and experience to ensure you have everything you need to keep your shelves fully stocked.

We only work with suppliers who have been rigorously vetted, so you can confidently place your order and get everything you need.

Get a quote today on these new mill ends and make sure you can always provide the best janitorial cleaning supplies.