What Exactly Is An Irregular Towel?

As you read this, our global sourcing department is working with the many mills we partner with to buy their first quality towelsopportunity textiles and imperfect textiles and irregular towels for wholesale. But what, you may ask, is an ‘imperfect’? What makes a product ‘irregular’? How do you purchase opportunistically?

stack of white towels
Imperfect Towels

Imperfects contain some small flaws that may not even be visible or obvious. Too many fly-yarns, a missing warp or weft thread, bowing construction, over-stitching, tiny perforations or color dyes that do not match the samples sold to the retailer, all makeup imperfects.

closeup on white towel
Irregular Towels

Irregular towels do not pass the ‘eye’ test. They may pass physical inspection, but were soiled with dirt. Towel yarn may not be optically white, therefore they sit in the mill until we rescue them for you.

white towel with blue stripes
Opportunity Textiles

When national retailers drop colors or cancel shipments we buy deeply discounted containers and ship the savings to you. Due to the very nature of opportunity buying, opportunity buys rarely make the catalog. Talk to your rep and visit our website to learn about current opportunities.