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Supplying bale packed bulk institutional towels to hotels is what got us started in the linen business. We understand that making the best white towel isn’t necessarily about making the plushest, most massive towel. It’s about providing excellent choices for the budget. We work with our customers to offer towels that balance lifecycle with comfort. Our towel lines have grown to include wholesale institutional white towel cartons, 100% cotton colored towels, specialist gym towels, makeup removal towels, and sheets.



Why pay more for the best bulk table linens?

Why pay more for the best bulk table linens? With increased competition for fewer events, it's more important than ever to have the best dinnerware [...]

Cleaning with Professional Microfiber Restaurant Checklist

We thought it would be a good idea to share how our wholesale microfiber products can help keep your restaurant clean in a post-COVID environment. [...]

Cleaning is not Disinfecting. Use Microfiber to Clean AND Disinfect.

As we reopen the country, we hear daily news of increased cases of COVID-19 spreading with hotspots popping up all over the country. In order [...]

SilverSure Antimicrobial Treated Cloths.

Monarch Brands has launched a new line of microfiber treated with antimicrobial silver ions. But what makes the products antimicrobial, and how effective are they? [...]

Caring for your microfiber cloths and mops

If you’ve spent some time researching towels for your business, odds are that you’ve come across several options for irregular or imperfect towels.

A Professional’s Guide to Room Cleaning with Microfiber

My job doesn't end after clients place a wholesale microfiber order. I have been asked by many companies to train their crews on safe and [...]

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