Plus Crescent Collection

The Plus Crescent line of wholesale hotel towels are perfect for establishments that are looking for a slightly softer, optically bright white towel than our basic line. These towels are poly blended, which means they are a longer lasting towel than most basic towels.

You can get these towels bale packed, which makes them easier to ship and store. This, in turn, helps you save even more money in the long run. The Crescent collection is great for budget hotels, commercial laundries, and institutional use. At Monarch Brands, we can help you get the best white towels at the right price. Check out our selection and get a quote on your next order today.

Plus Crescent Collection - 12" x 12" (1 lbs.)PLUS-1212-1100 DOZ/BALE764950-20286-9
Plus Crescent Collection - 12" x 12" (0.75 lbs.)PLUS-1212-0.75100 DOZ/BALE764950-20160-2
Plus Crescent Collection - 16" x 27"PLUS-1627-350 DOZ/BALE764950-20161-9
Plus Crescent Collection - 20" x 40" (5.0 lbs.)PLUS-2040-5.525 DOZ/BALE764950-20287-6
Plus Crescent Collection - 22" x 44"PLUS-2244-625 DOZ/BALE764950-20162-6
Plus Crescent Collection - 24" x 48"PLUS-2448-810 DOZ/BALE764950-20163-3
Plus Crescent Collection - 24" x 50" (10.5 lbs.)PLUS-2450-10.510 DOZ/BALE764950-20171-8