Touch Point Facility Cleaning Wipes

Touch Point® Surface Cleaning Wipes are designed to tackle dirt and soil on all contact surfaces while promoting a healthy environment and minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. With a focus on fitness centers, facilities, and shopping carts, these wipes deliver powerful cleaning performance and convenience. Wipes are presented in compatible dispenser stands, and wall-mounted dispensers are sold separately.

The Touch Point® disposable surface cleaning wipes use a QUAT-based formula that effectively eliminates dirt and soil to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Fragrance and alcohol-free, these wipes are gentle on surfaces and won’t leave any unwanted scents or residue behind.

Our large wipe count reduces the cost per use, ensuring your customers have ample wipes for their cleaning needs. With each wipe, you can effortlessly clean and deodorize in one easy step, saving them time and effort.

  • QUAT based formula
  • Fragrance and alcohol-free
  • Clean and deodorize in one easy step
  • Quickly and effectively remove dirt and soil
  • Non-corrosive
Touch Point Facility Cleaning Wipes - 2000 Count RollWE2000TP2 Rolls/Case18" x 9" x 8.5"25 lbs10682704222000
Touch Point Facility Cleaning Wipes - 900 Count RollWE900TP2 Rolls/Case18" x 9" x 8.5"24 lbs682704009109
Touch Point Facility Cleaning Wipes - 400 Count RollWE92400TP2 Rolls/Case12" x 6" x 8"9.5 lbs682704924013