Microwool Finish Applicator Mop

SmartChoice MicroWool mops are the smarter choice for large area finish application and streak-free edging. This premium soft, deep pile microfiber mop designed for a smoother finish application for large areas of floor. Regular microfiber flat mops are designed to suck up the dirt rather than distribute a liquid.

Wool applicators are smaller in size and deteriorate quicker than microfiber mops. The MicroWool mop takes the best properties of both microfiber flat mops and wool applicators and blends them into a superior distribution tool. MicroWool mops have a heavy nap to hold and distribute the correct amount of finish evenly, which means there is less waste at the end of a job.

MicroWool will not lint and is naturally antimicrobial. Unlike wool or cotton applicators, microfiber does not harbor and spread bacteria after cleaning. Light-weight and ergonomic, MicroWool mops reduce the strain on operators, unlike heavy cotton string mops.

Microwool Finish Applicator Mop - 18"M870018FP1024” x 20” x 11”21 lbs764950-00448-7
Microwool Finish Applicator Mop - 24"M870024FP1024” x 20” x 11”23 lbs764950-00449-4