Wall Washing System

Our lightweight pad works wet or dry on walls. Staff no longer have to lift heavy equipment; simply use the short telescopic pole to reach high walls ergonomically.  Use the a wet trowel and pad to wash windows effectively. The trowel’s chiseled tip quickly dislodges any stuck-on grime. Quickly swap to the mop to deal with high windows. Extend the pole to it’s full height to dust ceilings, ducts, and light fixtures. The 10” pad is big enough to quickly clean large areas, and small enough to be maneuverable. The trowel is designed to be agile in tight spaces. Use dry to dust delicate areas quickly. Use wet to scrub with more power than a microfiber cloth alone. Crown molding, tight corners, and hard to reach places in highly contagious environments are quickly dealt with by the naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria. One 10” pad for many solutions. Speed up efficiency by eliminating additional equipment needed to clean a wide variety of surfaces. 


  • Lightweight telescopic pole alleviates fatigue
  • Telescopic pole extends from 28-48”
  • 360° swivel mop head for ultimate control
  • Uses interchangeable 10” wet or dry microfiber pad


  • Ergonomically designed to lessen strain on the wrist
  • Elevates worker hands from grime
  • Chisel tip for stubborn stuck on particles
Wall Washing System - Pole, 28" - 48"M70005048 Pieces per Case48 PCs29" x 11" x 9"11 lbs764950-20219-7
Wall Washing System - Frame, 9" x 4"M70009448 Pieces per Case48 PCs20" x 14" x 9" 11 lbs764950-20220-3
Wall Washing System - Trowel, 9" x 4"M70009948 Pieces per Case48 PCs21” x 12” x 14”30 lbs764950-20221-0
Wall Washing System - Blue Pad, 10" x 5"M8800105120 Pieces per Case10 DOZ/CASE21” x 12” x 14”23 lbs764950-20225-8
Wall Washing System - Green Pad, 10" x 5"M8800105GR120 Pieces per Case10 DOZ/CASE21” x 12” x 14”23 lbs764950-20226-5
Wall Washing System - Red Pad, 10" x 5"M8800105R120 Pieces per Case10 DOZ/CASE21” x 12” x 14”23 lbs764950-20227-2