Wall, Polishing, & Dusting

Microfiber Pads for Wall Washing, Polishing, and Dusting

These lightweight microfiber pads work great many different surfaces, wet or dry, and can make wall washing a faster and more effective job. 

Wall rags cover more square footage with every wipe, and the microfiber material is designed to pick up and hold more dust than other types of rags. So, whether the job at hand is to clean windows, walls, or other large surfaces, explore these housekeeping supplies to stock up on the products your clients need.

High-Quality Microfiber Pads

Our microfiber products are designed to be more sanitary, green, and efficient than housekeeping supplies made from other, more traditional, textiles. We also control the manufacturing process to ensure that the final products always meet our high standards for quality, durability, and usability.

You can use these pads in a number of jobs, so be sure to check out:

While each of these products have their own characteristics, all the microfiber pads are made to accumulate and retain dust and dirt both mechanically and electrostatically, leading to better results with each job.

You can use these pads dry to dust in delicate areas or wet to scrub the walls and other flat surfaces with more power than you’d get from the cloth alone. 

Accessorize Your Cleaning Supplies

Our wall washing system features a range of effective accessories that make the job much easier, from dusting wands to extendable poles to large trowels. These simple tools make it easier to dust ceilings and light fixtures, get into ducts, and wash a wall in no time at all.

Working with an Experienced Provider

At Monarch Brands, we understand your needs as a distributor and strive to consistently provide the products your customers need on a daily basis. We are an experienced wholesaler and manufacturer of microfiber, commercial linen, institutional towels, and wiper rags, and we can work with you to determine your needs and optimize your supply chain.

We only source our products from the very best suppliers. Each manufacturer in our global sourcing infrastructure must go through a strict vetting process to ensure they meet our quality standards and surpass our customers’ expectations.

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Distributors face many challenges every day, and whether you’re looking for new ways to save money, improve efficiency, or find products with greater life expectancy, Monarch Brands can help.

We are a large company that can leverage our buying power to provide the highest quality products at a price-point that fits the budget. Still, we are also small enough to personally oversee many of the important elements of distribution and branding for our customers.

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