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Microfiber Tube Mop

Wholesale microfiber tube mops can typically clean more surface area before they need to be laundered, and are more ergonomic than cotton equivalents. This makes them an ideal choice for wet floor cleaning in many facilities, since they are durable and effective.

However, they are best used in non-environmental service-driven applications because there is a trade off for the efficiency. These mops tend to need more cleaning solution and generally eliminate less bacteria than flat microfiber mops.

Tube mops feature a double-sewn headband to keep the loops together, ribbed tube construction to absorb more liquid, and 80/20 microfiber construction. They should be laundered in washing machines to ensure that they are properly cleaned for the next job.

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Microfiber Tube Mop - 11oz, BlueM600011B1 DOZ/CASE16” x 12” x 8”9 lbs765950-12001-6
Microfiber Tube Mop - 11oz, GreenM600011G1 DOZ/CASE16” x 12” x 8”9 lbs765950-12002-3
Microfiber Tube Mop - 11oz, WhiteM600011W1 DOZ/CASE16” x 12” x 8”9 lbs765950-12000-9
Microfiber Tube Mop - 14oz, BlueM600014B1 DOZ/CASE16” x 13” x 10”11.5 lbs765950-12004-7
Microfiber Tube Mop - 14oz, GreenM600014G1 DOZ/CASE16” x 13” x 10”11.5 lbs765950-12005-4
Microfiber Tube Mop - 14oz, RedM600014R1 DOZ/CASE16” x 13” x 10”11.5 lbs765950-12006-1
Microfiber Tube Mop - 14oz, WhiteM600014W1 DOZ/CASE16” x 13” x 10”11.5 lbs765950-12003-0
Microfiber Tube Mop - 18oz, BlueM600018B1 DOZ/CASE16” x 13” x 12”15 lbs765950-12007-8
Microfiber Tube Mop - 18oz, GreenM600018G1 DOZ/CASE16” x 13” x 12”15 lbs765950-12008-5
Microfiber Tube Mop - 18oz, RedM600018R1 DOZ/CASE16” x 13” x 12”15 lbs765950-12012-2
Microfiber Tube Mop - 21oz, BlueM600021B1 DOZ/CASE16” x 14” x 15”23 lbs765950-12009-2
Microfiber Tube Mop - 21oz, GreenM600021G1 DOZ/CASE16” x 14” x 15”23 lbs765950-12010-8
Microfiber Tube Mop - 21oz, RedM600021R1 DOZ/CASE16” x 14” x 15”23 lbs765950-12011-5