Route Ready Bar Mops

Why waste time washing and counting bar mops? Route Ready bar mops are optically white and packed in bags of 25 so you never have to pre-wash or recount them prior to use. Typically, laundries save at least 70¢ per dozen by freeing washroom and finishing floor operators from a wash cycle, you gain production time to focus on other laundry room bottlenecks.

Route Ready Bar Mops - Blue StripeRR-B3248 25 PACKS/BALE764950-83206-6
Route Ready Bar Mops - Gold StripeRR-G3248 25 PACKS/BALE764950-83207-3
Route Ready Bar Mops - Green StripeRR-GR3248 25 PACKS/BALE764950-83208-0
Route Ready Bar Mops - Full White (28 oz.)RR-W2848 25 PACKS/BALE764950-83209-7
Route Ready Bar Mops - Full White (24 oz.)RR-W2448 25 PACKS/BALE764950-83210-3