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GSM Calculator

How do you calculate GSM?

GSM stands for “grams per square meter” which is a measurement of how “thick “ the terry is on your towel. To put it in perspective, a 350 GSM towel is a product you’d find in a federal institution  (our Arctic collection). You will find a 500 GSM towel collection like our Admiral collection at a motel, extended stay suite, or basic tiered hotel. A product that is “plush” typically would have a GSM of 650 or higher (think Spa, Four Seasons, our Magellan collection fills this role.)

GSM is a metric term so you have to convert LBS to grams and inches to centimeters. Fortunately, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Feel free to use the tables below to calculate GSM and contact us with any questions about your textile needs.

Find the GSM of a textile when weight and size are known.

Find the Weight of a textile when GSM and size are known.