Cali Cabana Towels

Cali Cabana is a junior-sized cabana-style wholesale pool towel based on our popular California Cabana full-sized cabana towel. The towels are 30” x 60”, 10.75lbs and use the same 20D ring spun premium yarn as our larger cabana towel. Whether your clients run beach resorts or hotels with a nice pool, these towels are essential.

Our cabana towels can be sold as a retail and institution towel because they are big enough, durable enough, and soft enough to be used in a number of different applications. These resort towels look great and feel great so the guests will always have a pleasant experience. Get a quote today on a wide range of towels.

Cali Cabana Towels - BeigeCALICABANA-BGE8 PACKS OF 420” x 16” x 20”38 lbs764950-20272-2
Cali Cabana Towels - BlueCALICABANA-BLU8 PACKS OF 420” x 16” x 20”38 lbs764950-30231-6
Cali Cabana Towels - GreenCALICABANA-GRN8 PACKS OF 420” x 16” x 20”38 lbs764950-30233-0
Cali Cabana Towels - GreyCALICABANA-GRY8 PACKS OF 420” x 16” x 20”38 lbs764950-30230-9
Cali Cabana Towels - OrangeCALICABANA-ORG8 PACKS OF 420” x 16” x 20”38 lbs764950-30232-3
Cali Cabana Towels - PinkCALICABANA-PNK8 PACKS OF 420” x 16” x 20”38 lbs764950-20273-9