TaskBrand® P41 Premium Series

TaskBrand P41 Premium Series featuring Hydrospun i,s known for its versatility, offers advantages in varied applications. P41’s durable, low-lint design is perfect for detailed tasks like graphics/printing and auto interior detailing, ensuring a clean, residue-free finish.

Their high absorbency comes to the forefront in small spill cleanups and hand wiping, providing quick, efficient drying. These light-duty wipers also excel in spray and wipe tasks, their resistance to most solvents making them the most economical choice for such applications.

With a cloth-like feel, P41 Premium Series is gentle enough for patient hygiene and effective at cleaning glass and mirrors. Handling lubricants also falls within their capabilities. P41 wipers blend durability, absorbency, and cost-efficiency, proving their worth in diverse cleaning and maintenance situations.

  • Durable, light duty, low lint
  • Absorbent, excellent wipe dry
  • Most economical for spray and wipe applications
  • Resistant to most solvents

Applications: lubricants, graphics/printing, patient hygiene, cleaning glass and mirrors, wiping hands, small spill cleanup, auto interior detailing, spray and wipe

TaskBrand® P41 Premium Series - Interfold Dispenser BoxN-P041IDW2176/box-10 boxes/case