Industrial Wiping

Industrial Wiping & Housekeeping Cleaning Supplies

The industrial wiping rags and other housekeeping cleaning supplies at Monarch Brands are all pre-cut to ensure every piece is a functional wiper. More than that, we source all our materials from a global network of manufacturers and providers so you can get durable and usable rags at a cost-effective price point.

These wipers are great for general cleaning jobs and can handle wet and dry tasks. Some of these rags are designed to be laundered and reused, and others are perfect for larger jobs in the shop. Take a look through our extensive collection and find the rags that work best for your clients. Different materials have different characteristics, and our specialists can help you get the right products for the right job.

  • Get Quality Housekeeping Cleaning Supplies at Cost-Effective Prices

    As a distributor of industrial wipers, you need to be able to consistently fulfill your clients’ need for a variety of durable products that fit within their budgets. While every customer will have their own budgetary and branding needs, you can stock your shelves with an extensive range of products that can be used in a variety of tasks.

    Our woven wipers include:

    We also offer a number of reclaimed rags, such as:

    Work with a Trusted Source

    Monarch brands is a wholesaler and manufacturer of commercial linens, institutional towels, microfiber products, and wiper rags. We have been doing this for decades, and we repurpose millions of pounds of used textile products every year for industrial wiping purposes.

    We are specialists in providing cleaning supplies for a range of industries, from environmental services and hospitality to institutional and JanSan. We partner with the very best suppliers that go through a strict vetting process to ensure that we can deliver ethically sourced materials and always exceed our clients’ expectations.

    The Right Supplies at the Right Price

    Whether your customers need recycled industrial wiping rags, new wiping cloths, or a range of other cleaning supplies, we can help you help them. 

    We are large enough to purchase in volumes that lead to the perfect balance of price and value. At the same time, we’re small enough to work closely with every client on their own distribution programs. Whatever your requirements, we can help you optimize your supply chain and keep your clients happy.

    Get a quote today on these high-quality industrial wipers.