New Knitted Baby Diaper

At Monarch Brands, we offer a variety of textile options for your wholesale janitorial supplies. Woven baby diaper wipers and knit baby diaper wipers are comparable in price and function but differ in construction, so it’s important to understand the difference before getting a quote.

Knit baby diaper wipers are slightly higher linting but slightly more absorbent. Baby diapers are often used in remediation applications. Their superior absorbency makes them perfect for soaking up big spills. It’s literally what baby diapers were designed to do.

Our mill ends are generated from pre-consumer textile production. We source these knit materials from factories throughout the world and offer a wide range of constructions and make-ups to match your function and price point.

New Knitted Baby Diaper - 5Lb Box, 15" x 22"N-WBDK-5120600
New Knitted Baby Diaper - 5Lb Compressed Bag, 15" x 22"N-WBDK-5BG2001050
New Knitted Baby Diaper - 10Lb Box, 15" x 22"N-WBDK-1072770
New Knitted Baby Diaper - 10Lb Compressed Bag, 15" x 22"N-WBDK-10BG1441490
New Knitted Baby Diaper - 25Lb Box, 15" x 22"N-WBDK-2525675
New Knitted Baby Diaper - 50Lb Box, 15" x 22"N-WBDK-50201050
New Knitted Baby Diaper - 50Lb Compressed Bag, 15" x 22"N-WBDK-50BG321650