Sontara® EC Wipers

Sontara® EC Wipers are predominantly employed in various tasks such as surface preparation, soaking up spills, solvent application, eliminating oil and grease, as well as polishing and cleaning. They offer an integral solution in manufacturing and maintenance processes due to their high absorbency and effectiveness in handling various cleaning and disinfecting solutions.

The versatility and superior quality of these wipes make them highly demanded across diverse market sectors. They are extensively used in aerospace and transportation, auto refinishing, and electronics industries. The hospitality sector also finds great utility for these wipers, just as marine repair and manufacturing industries do. Other sectors where these wipers are utilized include printing, graphic arts, and a plethora of other areas.

Key Features

  • Low-linting
  • Solvent-resistant
  • Washes easily, yet is inexpensive enough to treat as a disposable
  • Absorbs water, oils and solvents
  • Saves money – lasts longer which means fewer wipers per task
Sontara® EC Wipers - Blue, Crumpled PackM-PR6041C250/case18.5" x 18.5" x 16.25" 7.55 lbs
Sontara® EC Wipers - White, Interfold Dispenser BoxM-PR931100/box-8 boxes/case20.2" x 10.3" x 17.9"16.2 lbs
Sontara® EC Wipers - Blue, Interfold Dispenser BoxM-PR831100/box-8 boxes/case20.2" x 10.2" x 17.8"17.65 lbs
Sontara® EC Wipers - White, Interfold TW Dispenser CSM-PR922250/case12.7" x 9.9" x 10.7"5.85 lbs
Sontara® EC Wipers - Blue, Interfold TW Dispenser CSM-PR822250/case12.6" x 9.9" x 10.7"6.25 lbs
Sontara® EC Wipers - White, 1/4 Fold, Poly BagM-PR92150/pack-18 packs/case19.4" x 13.7" x 11" 16.7 lbs
Sontara® EC Wipers - Blue, 1/4 Fold, Poly BagM-PR82150/pack-18 packs/case19.4" x 13.8" x 11" 16.8 lbs
Sontara® EC Wipers - White, Flat, Poly BagM-PR911100/pack-10 packs/case12.9" x 12.8" x 19.3" 15.95 lbs
Sontara® EC Wipers - Blue, Flat, Poly BagM-PR811100/pack-10 packs/case12.7" x 12.7" x 19.6" 16.5 lbs