California Cabana Towels

This is our best-selling cabana towel. At 30”x70” and 15lb/dozen, the California Cabana towel is bigger than most on the market today. Our bulk cabana towels soft and light due to their ring-spun 100% cotton construction. Each cabana towel color is yarn-dyed to minimize fading due to sun damage over time.

Our wholesale cabana towels can be sold as a retail, pool, and institutional towel, and if you’re looking for a smaller cabana towel, be sure to check out the Cali Cabana Towels. At Monarch Brands, we work exclusively with suppliers who have been rigorously vetted to ensure they meet our quality standards. Take a look at our selection and get a quote on some of these wholesale beach towels to discover the difference for yourself.

Now available in 10 cabana towel colors. If you need a custom color please do not hesitate to reach out. Our sourcing experts will work with you to develop the wholesale cabana towel line you need for your customers.

California Cabana Towels - BeigeCABANA-BG2 DOZ/CASE21” x 18” x 16”35 lbs764950-00327-5
California Cabana Towels - BlackCABANA-BK2 DOZ/CASE21” x 18” x 16”35 lbs764950-83410-7
California Cabana Towels - BlueCABANA-BL2 DOZ/CASE21” x 18” x 16”35 lbs764950-00323-7
California Cabana Towels - CoralCABANA-CO2 DOZ/CASE21” x 18” x 16”35 lbs764950-00328-2
California Cabana Towels - GreenCABANA-GR2 DOZ/CASE21” x 18” x 16”35 lbs764950-00324-4
California Cabana Towels - GreyCABANA-GY2 DOZ/CASE21” x 18” x 16”35 lbs764950-00326-8
California Cabana Towels - LavenderCABANA-LV2 DOZ/CASE21” x 18” x 16”35 lbs764950-00329-9
California Cabana Towels - PinkCABANA-PK2 DOZ/CASE21” x 18” x 16”35 lbs764950-83411-4
California Cabana Towels - RedCABANA-RD2 DOZ/CASE21” x 18” x 16”35 lbs764950-83412-1
California Cabana Towels - YellowCABANA-YL2 DOZ/CASE21” x 18” x 16”35 lbs764950-00325-1