Microfiber Cloths

Wholesale Microfiber Cloths

At Monarch Brands, you can find an extensive range of microfiber wholesale cloths that are perfect for most cleaning jobs. Whether you’re looking for that streak-free finish on the windows or an antimicrobial solution for everyday jobs, there is a product here that will meet your needs.

Monarch Brands is a wholesaler and manufacturer of microfiber, commercial linen, institutional towels, and wiper rags. We have decades of experience working with a variety of industries, and we can make sure that your distribution service is never short of high-quality microfiber cleaning products. Take a look at our selection and get a quote on these durable and effective cloths.

  • Microfiber Cleaning Products for Every Situation

    Microfiber comes in an array of options. At Monarch Brands, we offer microfiber cloths in a huge variety of sizes, colors, and textures. We can help you stock your shelves with quality products that are designed to clean surfaces without damaging them. This includes:

    • SilverSure Antimicrobial Treated Microfiber Cloths – These cloths are treated with SILVADUR™ antimicrobial which inhibits the growth of microorganisms in fabric.
    • SilverSure™ Microfiber Cloths Treated with Antimicrobial Technology – The technology used on these cloths help them feel and look new longer.
    • Towelzilla – The super-thick, plush coral fleece microfiber pile is as good at cleaning as it is at drying.
    • SmartRags – When you need a small/compact microfiber cloth, this is a great option. It’s less expensive than other cloths, making them ideal for use in high-loss environments.
    • SmartEdge – We’ve replaced a traditional hem with precision laser-sealed edges. This economical option uses less yarn while eliminating rough edges.
    • Terry – Terry cloth is simply one of the most popular choices for general purpose cleaning.
    • Suede – This is a great choice for delicate cleaning and polishing. This cloth is known for producing a streak-free shine.
    • Glass – The smooth texture on this cloth actually means that your clients can reduce their reliance on chemicals for cleaning.
    • Waffle – The textured finish on this cloth is more abrasive than traditional cloths, which makes them a good choice for tougher jobs.
    • Wall Washing Cloth – These oversized microfiber cloths allow the user to cover more area with every wipe.
    • Hand Towel – Sometimes your clients just need a reliable multipurpose towel with good absorbency and comfort with maximum coverage.
    • Microfiber Bleach Safe Towels – These black bleach-safe microfiber salon towels are functional while being extremely absorbent and soft.


    Working with an Experienced Wholesale Company

    At Monarch Brands, we source our textiles and materials for distributors through a global network of partners. We are large enough to leverage some real buying power to keep the prices on our wholesale microfiber cloths low, yet we are small enough to personally oversee private-label branding for mid-size distribution and individual programs.

    We have been working with companies just like yours for decades, and our specialists will make sure that your company has everything it needs to maintain effective distribution services.

    Get a quote today on these wholesale microfiber towels and see what we can do for you.