Admiral Hospitality Collection

The Admiral towel collection is specifically designed for the hospitality market. These white hotel towels are made in Bangladesh from budget-friendly 12S open-end yarn, and the poly ground construction coupled with cotton pile delivers a longer-lasting towel so hotels can keep their costs down.

  • A 12S open-end 515GSM towel
  • The Admiral collection is good for budget hotels
  • Carton-packed towels are guest-ready if needed
  • Universal cam border to match most major manufacturer towel lines
  • Also available in heavier weights with a dobby border for mid-range hotels

At Monarch Brands, we work exclusively with rigorously vetted suppliers to ensure we can meet or exceed your expectations. Take a look at this selection of white hotel towels and get a quote today.

Admiral Hospitality Collection - Cam, 12" x 12"ADML-1212-125 DOZ/CASE13” x 13” x 12”25 lbs764950-81059-0
Admiral Hospitality Collection - Cam, 16" x 27"ADML-1627-310 DOZ/CASE17” x 15” x 21”35 lbs764950-81060-6
Admiral Hospitality Collection - Cam, 24" x 48"ADML-2448-85 DOZ/CASE25” x 13” x 20”43 lbs764950-81061-3
Admiral Hospitality Collection - Cam, 24" x 50"ADML-2450-10.55 DOZ/CASE26” x 13” x 15”55 lbs764950-81062-0
Admiral Hospitality Collection - Dobby, 13" x 13"ADML-1313-1.2525 DOZ/CASE28” x 15” x 13”37 lbs764950-30242-2
Admiral Hospitality Collection - Dobby, 16" x 30"ADML-1630-410 DOZ/CASE17” x 17” x 21”40 lbs764950-81065-1
Admiral Hospitality Collection - Dobby, 20" x 30"ADML-2030-75 DOZ/CASE24.5” x 15.5” x 15”40 lbs764950-81063-7
Admiral Hospitality Collection - Dobby, 27" x 54"ADML-2754-144 DOZ/CASE26” x 13” x 17”56 lbs764950-81066-8