Wholesale Foodservice Supply

Explore our current range of foodservice products and find high-quality wholesale microfiber towels, bulk bar mop terry towels, bulk bistro and solid napkins, and much more.

At Monarch Brands, we work with foodservice suppliers, commercial laundries, and major restaurant eCommerce platforms to ensure you are always stalked with the products your customers need on a regular basis. We are committed to being the very best source for your needs and have even quadrupled our wholesale foodservice offerings to expand our inventory even more.

Take look at our current selection and place your order today. If you have any special requests, we can even work with you to develop and private-label your new SKU.


Monarch Brands specializes in providing cost-effective, high-quality wholesale microfiber cloths, a variety of cheesecloths, table linens, poly-spun aprons, and other products that keep restaurants running at peak cleanliness.


These articles are filled with information that can help you get the right foodservice products for your clients. Which bar mops will be the most effective? What microfiber cleaning products will provide the most benefits for a restaurant? We’ve collected some of our most popular and relevant posts below.

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Good. Better. Best. Your Guide to Bulk Bar Mops.

If you’ve spent some time researching towels for your business, odds are that you’ve come across several options for irregular or imperfect towels.

Sourcing the Best Wholesale Microfiber Towels for Foodservice Companies

Your customers need a trusted and reliable distributor to maintain the cleanliness of their establishments. At Monarch Brands, we make it easy for you to find and order all the janitorial cleaning supplies that businesses in the foodservice sector require every day.

From quality and stylish aprons to bulk orders of bar mops and poly spun napkins, you can source everything you need to maintain a fully stocked inventory. Whether you distribute to local businesses or national chains, we’ll ensure you never run short of high-quality products.

Why Monarch Brands?

We partner with suppliers from all over the world to ethically source the very best textiles for the foodservice industry. This means we repurpose millions of pounds of used products annually, and we vet every supplier and cut and inspect everything before shipping it out.

Our specialists can work closely with you to determine your needs and make sure your shelves are constantly stocked with the best products. You customers rely on you as part of their supply chain, and we want you to rely on us as a valued partner in that process.