Essential Wholesale Hospitality, Foodservice, and Janitorial Textiles

Textiles are not the only product
you need to be hospitable…

However, textiles are one of the only products your guests will interact with consistently throughout their stay. Fabric serves as your establishment’s comfort ambassador as your guests sleep, bathe, and eat. Make sure your customers are comfortable and you’ll never have to worry if they’re coming back.

Monarch Brands has a full spectrum of bed, bath, and food service textiles for your organization. To streamline purchasing, we produced a mini catalog focused on the essentials for commercial laundries serving the hospitality, foodservice, and janitorial industries.


Why the Hospitality Catalog?

The State of the Union

2021 was a challenging year to be in the import business. The US finds itself in a similar situation in 2022. Changes in variable costs continue to drive up the price of wholesale towels, microfiber, sheets, and basically, most commodities imported from Asia. As of writing this blog, the price of cotton has skyrocketed to a 10-year high and the global container rate index is 650% above the average rates just two years ago.

While many importers struggle to deliver, we continue to find a way. As vaccination rates rise, restaurant and hotel reservations grow. HNR (Hotel News Resource) reports WTTC Research predicts travel & tourism could grow to $8.6 trillion in 2022.

We are ready. We have your essential hospitalityfoodservice, and janitorial supplies in stock and ready to ship. 

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Our catalog of products has doubled over the past five years in response to customers’ varying needs. To compete with ecommerce marketplaces and distributor mergers and acquisitions, many customers evolved their business model.

Distributors now embrace ecommerce—while established ecommerce customers (e.g., office supply stores and foodservice equippers) broadened their offering to include hospitality and janitorial supplies.

Independent janitorial distributors ask the question, “How can I grow my existing business?” 

Our lines have always reflected our customers’ business. We evolve to deliver our promise of being your one-stop textile supplier. For example, we introduced The Sloppy Chef kitchen towels, dishcloths, and bar mops to satisfy the growing demand for more retail-friendly ecommerce SKUs. Our California Cabana towels are now available in 16 colors and two sizes. We stock antimicrobial-treated microfiber cloths and TowelZilla oversized plush car detailing cloths. Need microfiber cloths or mops in a dispenser box? we have ’em. 

While our core catalog has expanded, our commercial laundry customers have specific bulk towels, microfiber, and foodservice needs. Although our book is relatively slim by catalog standards, we know that your time is valuable. To streamline purchasing, we produced a mini catalog focused on the essentials. We have also placed the table of contents below. If you need a quote quickly, please use our add-to-quote feature and one of our reps will be in touch shortly.

Hospitality Catalog Contents