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Run Of Mill Bar Mops

Run of Mill (ROM) bar mops are created from excess yarn after enough first quality bar mops have been produced to fill the contract. After all, the loom is set up and running. It is more cost-effective to ‘run’ the remaining bar mops than to stop to retool the loom. These extra bar mops do not undergo the same intense scrutiny as ‘first run’ bar mops, so there may be slight imperfections. Also packed 100 dozen to a bale, ROM bar mops are available with center stripes in popular colors such as blue, gold, and green. ROM bar mops require washing before first use.

Run Of Mill Bar Mops - Blue StripeROM-B32100 DOZ/BALE764950-20291-3
Run Of Mill Bar Mops - Gold StripeROM-G32100 DOZ/BALE764950-20292-0
Run Of Mill Bar Mops - Green StripeROM-GR32100 DOZ/BALE764950-20293-7
Run Of Mill Bar Mops - WhiteROM-W28100 DOZ/BALE764950-20294-4