Cobbler Aprons

Think of cobbler aprons as the Swiss Army Knife of aprons. Cobbler aprons are popular housekeeping supplies across multiple professions. Housekeepers, daycare workers, housekeeping departments, school teachers, school students, arts and crafts shops, factories, and healthcare workers benefit from cobbler aprons.

  • Size: 33″ x 30″ flat
  • Construction: 65% Poly/35% Cotton

They offer more protection than traditional aprons as they shield your clothing at the front and back. Cobbler aprons allow for maximum mobility since the sides and arms are open. They are comfortable to wear, being adjustable on both sides. Explore your options below and place your order from an experienced janitorial equipment supplier today.

Cobbler Aprons - BlackCOBAPR-BLK4 DOZ/CASE19” x 14” x 10”24 lbs764950-00634-4
Cobbler Aprons - RedCOBAPR-RED4 DOZ/CASE19” x 14” x 10”24 lbs764950-00635-1