Basic Arctic Collection

The Arctic Collection features great entry level institutional towels that are 100% cotton, which makes them feel softer than most poly/cotton blends. This collection is made with 10 single open-end yarn and Kare Bleaching for an optically white appearance and value price point.

You can get these wholesale towels bale-packed for freight and cost efficiency, and they make great institutional towels and are perfect for commercial laundries. They include a cam border to match most major manufacturer towel lines, so your clients can make the switch to a more affordable wholesale towel while maintaining a consistent appearance. Get a quote today on these high-quality towels.

Basic Arctic Collection - 12" x 12" (0.75 lbs.)BASIC-1212-0.75100 DOZ/BALE764950-83215-8
Basic Arctic Collection - 12" x 12" (1 lbs.)BASIC-1212-1100 DOZ/BALE764950-83216-5
Basic Arctic Collection - 16" x 27"BASIC-1627-2.7550 DOZ/BALE764950-83217-2
Basic Arctic Collection - 20" x 40" (4.5 lbs.)BASIC-2040-4.525 DOZ/BALE764950-20288-3
Basic Arctic Collection - 20" x 40" (5.0 lbs.)BASIC-2040-525 DOZ/BALE764950-83218-9
Basic Arctic Collection - 22" x 44"BASIC-2244-625 DOZ/BALE764950-83219-6
Basic Arctic Collection - 24" x 48"BASIC-2448-810 DOZ/BALE764950-83220-2