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Monarch Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly

Bleach-Resistant Microfiber Salon Towels

For professional spas, having top-quality towels is essential. Our salon towels are specially crafted to endure the use of harsh chemicals such as bleach, chlorine, peroxide, acetone, and dyes without losing their texture or color. They use microfiber technology to absorb water up to seven times their weight, leading to faster absorption and less heat exposure during blow-drying, which can harm hair. In terms of quality and feel, our microfiber Terry towels surpass cotton, providing guests with an extraordinary experience that remains undiminished even after multiple washes. Our towels offer salon patrons a luxurious sensation that is not only exceptionally soft but also incredibly long-lasting.

Our towels not only Wick away moisture, but they also minimize blow-drying and protect hair.

We are proud to offer:

  • Bleach Resistant Towels
  • Superior Absorbency
  • Professional Quality Towels
Bleach-Resistant Microfiber Salon Towels - BlackM915109BK8 12-Packs24" x 15" x 15"42lbs76495-000567-5
Bleach-Resistant Microfiber Salon Towels - BrownM915109BR8 12-Packs24" x 15" x 15"42lbs76495-021733-7
Bleach-Resistant Microfiber Salon Towels - BurgundyM915109BU8 12-Packs24" x 15" x 15"42lbs764950-21730-6
Bleach-Resistant Microfiber Salon Towels - GreyM915109GY8 12-Packs24" x 15" x 15"42lbs76495-021727-6
Bleach-Resistant Microfiber Salon Towels - WhiteM915109WH8 12-Packs24" x 15" x 15"42lbs76495-021727-6