Side Pocket Mops

These side pocket mops feature microfiber “finger loops” that can attract and trap more dirt than a traditional mop. These janitorial supplies are also more absorbent than other brands because they feature an industrial-strength canvas backing and matching hardware (sold separately).

The 18” side pocket mop is compatible with all major brand name frames, and our selection includes several different colors to support a color-coded cleaning system and prevent cross contamination.

Microfiber is an effective and efficient tool for cleaning in a wide range of situations. More importantly, it can help reduce staff fatigue while increasing square footage coverage. It calls for fewer trips to change the water/chemical solution and improves the overall wet floor cleaning process.

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Side Pocket Mops - Blue, 18"M880018B-PM10 DOZ/CASE18” x 14” x 22”33 lbs765950-12278-2
Side Pocket Mops - Green, 18"M880018G-PM10 DOZ/CASE18” x 14” x 22”33 lbs765950-12279-9
Side Pocket Mops - Red, 18"M880018R-PM10 DOZ/CASE18” x 14” x 22”33 lbs765950-12280-5
Side Pocket Mops - Yellow, 18"M880018Y-PM10 DOZ/CASE18” x 14” x 22”33 lbs765950-12281-2
Side Pocket Mops - White, 18"M880018W-PM10 DOZ/CASE18” x 14” x 22”33 lbs765950-12282-9